The existing lubricant is used as the carrier for REWITEC products. Where there are areas of high pressure, and therefore wear (in boundary or mixed lubrication regimes) higher friction and temperatures occur and the REWITEC silicate particles bond to the metallic surface, creating a new ceramic layer that passivate and reduce roughness. This reduces friction, wear and surface temperature and increases lifetime, as well as reducing energy consumption. 

Our innovative technology enhances component performance and energy efficiency for long term protection:  wear in tribological systems is reduced. Once added to the lubricant, our products, specifically developed for the intended application, provide you with protection over many hours of operation

We are committed to the continuous research and development of technologies that can reduce friction and wear in all tribological systems. The outcome of this research is a broad portfolio of lubricant additives for multiple application. You can browse all of our applications here. REWITEC products are lubricant additives, added to existing lubricant systems and are available for both oil and grease lubricated components.