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Croda Lubricants are proud to present new ranges of products for our customers in both the industrial and automotive sectors of industrial gear oils, metalworking fluids, high temperature chain oil lubricants, H1 Incidental food contact lubricants, corrosion inhibition and engine oils.  

Perfad 3100 - Friction Modifier for Industrial Gear Oils

Croda has recently launched Perfad 3100, an oxidative and thermally stable organic friction modifier providing excellent friction reducing properties, which can enable more efficient power transfer and reduced running costs, whilst having minimal impact on water entrainment.

More information on Perfad 3100.

Perfad 3000 Series - Polymeric Friction Modifiers for Engine Oils

Croda has developed two new polymeric organic friction modifiers which can give a significant reduction in friction, which in turn can lead to increased fuel efficiency, reduction in exhaust emissions and reduced engine wear.

More information on Perfad 3000 series.

Perfad 3950 - Multi-Metal Lubricant Base Fluid for Synthetic Metalworking Fluids

Perfad 3950 is an oil-free multi-metal lubricant base fluid for synthetic metalworking fluids. Containing no mineral oil, phosphorous, chlorine, sulphur or anti-foam it exhibits unrivalled performance characteristics such as outstanding ferrous and non-ferrous cutting and forming performance, a low foam profile, bio-resistance and good tramp oil rejection.

More information about Perfad 3950.

Perfad 5000 - Seal Conditioning Agent

Croda’s new seal conditioning agent, Perfad 5000 is a bio-based additive derived from 100% renewable materials, it is ultimately biodegradable and has inherently low aquatic toxicity and has seal swelling efficiencies rivalling or surpassing those of phthalate esters.

More information about Perfad 5000.

Perfad 8400 - Lubricity Additive for Neat Metalworking Fluids

A breakthrough technology in high performance lubrication, dramatically improving the cutting performance capabilities of both mineral oil and ester based cutting fluids. Perfad 8400 is suitable for use in machining aluminium and steel alloys.

More information about Perfad 8400.

Priolube 1962, Priolube 1963 and Priolube 1965 – Lubricant Base Fluids for High Temperature Chain Oils

An extended product range enabling formulators the opportunity to develop chain oils capable of operating at high temperatures for extended periods of time and without the formation of harmful deposits.

More information about range of high temperature chain oils.

Ester Base Fluids and Additives for H1 Incidental Food Contact Lubricants

Ranging in viscosity from 12 – 320 mm2/s at 40°C, Croda Lubricants today has the broadest range of esters suitable for use in the formulation of Incidental food contact lubricants.

More information about our H1 Incidental food contact lubricants.  

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