Croda Lubricants
Croda Lubricants

Croda Lubricants - shaping the future of lubricants

Croda Lubricants is a global business offering a unique range of ingredients designed to deliver superior performance and tailored solutions to our customers in the automotive and industrial lubricant sectors.

Designed to tackle the lubrication needs of today and the performance and legislative targets of the future, Croda products will continue to help to:

  • Improve fuel economy
  • Reduce emissions
  • Extend oil drain intervals
  • Improve equipment durability
  • Increase production efficiency


Our commitment:

The combination of application expertise, dedicated market team and scientific resources has created a powerful business designed to deliver efficient and reliable service around the globe. Our portfolio of over 150 products ensures that we have a leading global position in the automotive and industrial lubricant markets.

It is our aim to continue to seek opportunities to develop innovative products and services which contribute to sustainable development, improve quality of life and create value. We have a strong reputation at Croda for quality and innovation coupled with a corporate commitment to renewability and sustainability. Learn about Croda’s long and exciting history.

For more information about Croda, contact our headquarters:

Croda International Plc
Cowick Hall
East Yorkshire
DN14 9AA

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