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Perfad 3950 - Multi-Metal Lubricant Base Fluid for Synthetic Metalworking Fluids

Perfad 3950 is an oil-free multi-metal lubricant base fluid for synthetic metalworking fluids. Perfad 3950 contains no mineral oil, phosphorous, chlorine, sulphur or anti-foam and exhibits unrivalled performance characteristics such as outstanding ferrous and non-ferrous cutting and forming performance, a low foam profile, bio-resistance and good tramp oil rejection.

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The features and proven benefits of using Perfad 3950 as a lubricant base fluid in synthetic metalworking fluids include:

  • Soluble oil performance using a synthetic metalworking fluid
  • Exceptional multi-metal lubricity, ensuring outstanding cutting and deformation performance
  • Enhanced tool-life, leading to significantly reduced tooling costs and downtime
  • Excellent hard water stability, ensuring long fluid life leading to reduced fluid costs and downtime Low foaming tendencies, ensuring optimum lubrication performance in the cutting and deformation contact area
  • Inherent bio-resistance, leading to reduced biocide use, improved health and safety for operators and extended fluid life
  • Good tramp oil rejection, leading to excellent fluid durability, optimum cutting performance and improved health and safety for machine operators
  • Waste treatable, ensuring minimised cost of fluid treatment and oil phase and water re-cycling
  • Contains no mineral oil, phosphorous, chlorine, sulphur, or anti-foam

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