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Perfad 8400 - Lubricity Additive for High Performance Neat Metalworking Fluids

Perfad 8400 is a new lubricity additive designed for use in the formulation of neat metal cutting and deformation fluids. Based on polymeric chemistry, Perfad 8400 offers unique, unequalled lubrication performance. 

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Perfad 8400:
  • Outperforms conventional ester lubricity additives when used as an additive in mineral oil based metalworking fluids
  • Can be used to super-boost lubrication performance of ester based neat metalworking fluids
  • Can be used alone and in combination with conventional S and P containing EP / AW additives
  • Is based solely on C, H and O
Perfad 8400 also outperforms other commercial esters and polymer based lubricating additives in laboratory tests. The graph below highlights the superior performance of Perfad 8400 at 4% and 6% treat-rates in a 4mm form tapping test, at 1000rpm speed on Mild Steel.

Perfad 8400 Competitor Graph

The potential benefits to the end user in using Perfad 8400 can include:
  • Extended tool-life
  • Reduced energy consumption due to lower torque
  • Purer cuts
    • Better surface finish
    • Improved dimensional accuracy
    • Fewer rejected parts
  • Ability to machine more difficult alloys, with or without the use of reactive extreme pressure or anti-wear additives

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