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Perfad 3100 - Friction Modifier for Industrial
Gear Oils

Croda has developed an oxidative and thermally stable organic friction modifier, designed specifically for use in industrial gear oils. Perfad 3100 provides excellent friction reducing properties to industrial gear oils, which can enable more efficient power transfer and reduced running costs, whilst having minimal impact on water entrainment.

Perfad 3100 forms a durable film, most notably in the mixed and boundary regime where energy losses are high. Friction reducing effects have also been observed at high temperatures, as found in heavily loaded contact areas.

The graph shows the coefficient of friction for an ISO 68 industrial gear oil at 100°C and
150°C, with and without Perfad 3100.

Perfad 3100 Graph

The potential benefits to the end user in using Perfad 3100 can include:

  • Increased production efficiency
  • Improved equipment durability
  • Increased fluid lifetime
  • Extended oil drain intervals
  • Reduced oil sump temperatures
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Perfad 3100 Image
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