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Perfad 5000 - Seal Conditioning Agent

Croda Lubricants is proud to introduce a new environmentally friendly ester with seal swelling efficiencies rivalling or surpassing those of phthalate esters. Croda’s new seal conditioning agent, Perfad 5000 is a bio-based additive derived from 100% renewable materials, it is ultimately biodegradable and has inherently low aquatic toxicity.

Perfad 5000 has been evaluated using ASTM D7216, the standard test method for determining automotive engine oil compatibility with typical seal elastomers. Perfad 5000 was compared to di-n-hexyl phthalate (C6-phthalate), di-n-octyl phthalate (C8-phthalate) and di-n-doceyl phthalate (C12-phthalate), in a reference base fluid of PAO4.

Some product performance highlights include:

  • Perfad 5000 combats shrinkage of a hydrogenated nitrile rubber seal at concentrations as low as 0.5%, equalling the performance of C8-phthalate at similar concentrations
  • With Polyacrylate rubber, Perfad 5000 reduces seal shrinkage much more effectively than all the phthalates. Perfad 5000 can give similar performance to phthalate esters but at much lower treat-rates
  • Perfad 5000 is extremely effective at counteracting the seal shrinking properties of PAO 4 when contacted with Viton fluoroelastomer seals. Whilst phthalate esters are essentially inert when contacted with Viton seal, Perfad 5000 can cause positive seal swelling, even at low dose rates

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