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Incidental Food Contact Lubricants

Lubricating equipment used in the food processing industry presents a unique challenge. Firstly, the lubricant must provide the basic desired technical performance:

  • Reduced friction
  • Wear prevention
  • Corrosion protection
  • Efficient power transfer

and secondly, the lubricant must comply with acceptable industry standards on the use of approved base fluids and additives.

Prior to February 1998 all lubricant formulation approvals in the US were administered by the USDA. To gain approval a lubricant manufacturer had to prove that all the ingredients in the formulation were allowable substances in accordance with the Guidelines of Security Code of Federal Regulations (FDA 21 CFR §178.3570 - Incidental food contact lubricants).

Today, it is the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) that manages a lubricant evaluation programme. New ingredients can be approved by the NSF (base oils and additives) and the NSF also manages a certification programme for approving formulated lubricants. The programme run by the NSF does not specify or set limitations on the quantity of HX-1 ingredients that may be used in H1 incidental food contact lubricants. The programme is now generally accepted worldwide for certification of incidental food contact lubricants.

Today, Croda Lubricants has a broad range of products which are either approved under the FDA 21 CFR §178.3570 - Incidental food contact lubricants scheme or have been approved as HX-1 ingredients for incidental food contact lubricants by the NSF.

Croda’s extensive product range is composed of:

  • Ester base fluids and lubricity additives
  • Water-soluble polyalkylene glycols
  • Water-insoluble polyalkylene glycols
  • Corrosion inhibitor
  • Fatty acid thickener for greases

Croda’s products can be used in a wide range of applications, for example:

  • Air compressors
  • Chain lubricants
  • Greases
  • Industrial gear oils
  • Hydraulic fluids

plus other lubricants that may be used within the food processing industry.

By utilising premium quality HX-1 ingredients in your formulations, your end consumers will experience benefits through:

  • Improved machine reliability
  • Energy reductions
  • No contamination of food products
  • Extended service time
  • Longer equipment life

Let Croda help you today to balance Lubricant performance demands with component compliance.

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