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High Temperature Chain Oils

Croda is a leading supplier of synthetic lubricant base fluids for use in many high temperature chain oil applications including conveyor systems, food processing, plastic film stretching, fibre board manufacturing and ceramics.

Croda recommends the use of its high performance range of Priolube™ esters for high temperature chain lubricant applications. Compared to conventional mineral oils, trimellitates and polyalphaolefins (PAOs) base stocks, Croda’s high temperature chain oil esters can provide special performance characteristics including: 

  • Formulation of lubricants in the viscosity range 68 – 320 mm²/s
  • High oxidative stability
  • Low volatility below 250°C
  • Low deposit formation upon decomposition
  • Excellent lubricity

Correct lubrication of the chains is essential to prevent excessive wear, which can lead to chain lengthening and erratic travel, increased power consumption and a reduction in lubricant adhesion to the chains.

Use of Croda’s high temperature chain oil esters can provide the end user with a number of benefits, including:

  • Financial savings due to reduced lubricant consumption
  • Cost savings through reduced power consumption
  • Improved productivity through reduced down-time for repairs
  • Lower maintenance costs

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