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Perfad 3000 Series of Polymeric Friction Modifiers for Engine Oils

Croda is a world leading producer of organic friction modifiers and ester lubricant additives designed to help formulators and engineers control friction. Controlling friction is the key to controlling energy efficiency, reducing emissions, reducing wear and extending the durability of equipment.

Croda has developed three new polymeric organic friction modifiers which can give a significant reduction in friction, which in turn can lead to increased fuel efficiency, reduction in exhaust emissions and reduced engine wear.

Perfad 3000, Perfad 3050 and Perfad 3006 act by forming strong durable films and are active at much lower temperatures than conventional anti-wear and friction modifiers, such as ZDDP and MoDTC.

Perfad 3000, Perfad 3050 and Perfad 3006 have the potential to reduce engine wear by acting synergistically with ZDDP and MoDTC.

EU Oil 1 with and without 0.5% FM
Perfad 3000 series 1
The friction properties of EU Oil 1 are shown in black, the initial friction indicated by a dashed line and the friction after 2 hours rubbing indicated by a solid line. The top-treated oils are also presented similarly but using different colours for each organic friction modifier. With the exception of Perfad 3050, all the sample oils tested (reference oil EU 1 and EU Oil 1 + friction modifier) showed an increase in friction from no surface condition to 120 mins surface conditioning through rubbing. Uniquely, Perfad 3050 provided low friction both initially and after two hours of rubbing.

If we consider the friction profile of all the organic friction modifiers, it can be seen that GMO provides a reduction in friction compared to the EU Oil 1 of approximately 8% at a speed of 0.005 m/s. Perfad 3000 provides 13% reduction, Perfad 3006 provides 40% reduction, and Perfad 3050 90% reduction. In this particular engine oil and under these conditions, Perfad 3050 has effectively eliminated the boundary regime through the formation of a very low friction film. This suggests that PFMs have the ability to operate under higher load conditions and still maintain low friction, an area that will be subject to further research.

Top – Treated US Engine Oil 1 with 0.5% FM at 135°C

Perfad 3000 series 2

As can be seen above, MTM tests conducted at 135C (initial friction and friction after a two hour MTM rubbing profile) demonstrate that Perfad 3000 series organic friction modifiers can provide extremely low coefficients of friction when added to engine oils.

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Perfad 3000 Series 
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