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Controlling Friction Using Organic and Polymeric Friction Modifiers

Croda is a leading producer of organic friction modifiers and ester lubricant additives designed to help formulators and engineers control friction and to improve the fuel efficiency of their engine oils and their transmission fluids.

Controlling friction between objects or surfaces moving relative to each other is fundamental to maximising operating efficiency, maximising energy or fuel efficiency and maximising equipment life-time.

Often it is desirable to reduce friction to the lowest level possible but that is not always the desired outcome. In some applications, for example, transmission systems, controlling friction between certain limits over a period of time is fundamental to the safe and efficient operation of equipment.

Fuel economy is the major driver in the automotive industry, and will continue to be so for the foreseeable future. Significant developments are now being made in engine design and development of fuel efficient engine oils and in the development of transmission systems and transmissions fluids.

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Controlling friction
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